Active Directory – Send email alerts based on events.

You may want to proactively respond to events generated by your domain controller or other servers in order to quickly address potential issues or security threats. By monitoring events and taking appropriate action. You can modify the script below to your needs. In my example below i use the incidentID of a user account lockout. … Read more

Configure Manged Favorites For Microsoft Edge Chromium

If your organization has many internal web services or frequently used websites that your users need quick and easy access to, the managed favorites feature could be a useful way to make these websites easily available to end-users. By setting up managed favorites, you can ensure that your users have quick and convenient access to … Read more

How To Check Password Expire Status In Active Directory.

It’s quite simple to check if your users password has expired or is about to expire. Just run the following command from the Domain controller in CMD as administrator. If you have any questions / feedback or would like to correct me on any of the stuff above.Please use the comment section or contact me … Read more