Generate random password based on a wordlist using Powershell

As a business owner or manager, it’s important to ensure that your company’s sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access. One key way to do this is by implementing strong password policies for your employees. One common mistake that many organizations make is giving all new employees the same password. This may seem like an … Read more

How To Create Filters In Endpoint Manager

Filters provide a convenient and efficient way to target specific devices, unlike the traditional method of using “dynamic groups”, which can take time to update when new or updated devices are added. With filters, we can quickly and easily target devices without having to wait for membership lists to be updated. This makes filters a … Read more

Silently Enforce Bitlocker Using Endpoint Manager (Intune)

Bitlocker is one of the most essential security features to deploy to your windows devices. BitLocker Drive Encryption is a security feature that protects against data theft or exposure on lost, stolen, or improperly decommissioned computers. It integrates with the operating system to provide enhanced protection for files and systems, making it difficult for unauthorized … Read more

Enroll your devices in Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Enrolling your devices in Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune is a crucial step for any organization that wants to ensure the security and productivity of its workforce. In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is more important than ever to have a robust and secure device management solution in place. With the rise of remote work and … Read more

Configure Update rings for Windows using Endoint Manager (Intune)

It is important to keep your organization’s Windows version up to date in order to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities that are constantly being discovered. By running the latest version of Windows, you can decrease the chances of your devices being exposed to known exploits and take advantage of the newest features and fixes. Updating … Read more

Active Directory – Send email alerts based on events.

You may want to proactively respond to events generated by your domain controller or other servers in order to quickly address potential issues or security threats. By monitoring events and taking appropriate action. You can modify the script below to your needs. In my example below i use the incidentID of a user account lockout. … Read more

Block external forwarding in Exchange Online

External forwarding should always be disabled by default in any tenant, as it is commonly used by intruders to extract confidential emails from key individuals within the organization. Disabling this feature can help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and protect your business from potential security threats. One example of these malicious inbox rules could … Read more

RemoteApps on Windows Server lagging performance.

I recently encountered an issue with one of our clients regarding slow performance when using RemoteApps on their home computer. Initially, I thought it was a problem with their internet connection or the computer itself, but after trying to connect via their laptop, the performance was fine on their home network. After extensive troubleshooting and … Read more

MDM User Self-Enrollment Using Deep Links On Windows 10

This will be a very short, but yet useful blog post about making the self-enrollment end-user experience better for your users.Keep in mind that this way of enrollment is not intended for large scale enterprises. Today we will take a look at how you can use “Deep links” to help guide your users to self-enroll … Read more