How to Configure Daily End-User Spam Report For Exchange Online

The following is a quick and simple guide to show you how you can set up daily spam reports for your users.

The first step is to access the Exchange administrator panel, it can be accessed via the following link:

Go to “Spam Filter” under the section “Protection”.

Choose “Spam filter”

Select the default spam filter policy for your organisation and choose “Configure end-user spam notifications…” in the bottom right corner.

Choose “Configure end-user spam notifications…”

Here you can turn on the spam report feature, however it is not possible to go lower than 1 day for the spam report.

I have chosen to go with daily spam reports.

There is a very important step in the setup that allows users to actually get their spam delivered as quarantined mail.

Double click the “Default” spam filter policy or your desired organization’s policy and choose “Spam and bulk actions” here. You have to make sure that both the spam options are set to “Quarantine message” otherwise the email will not be in the “Spam report” email.

Set both to “Quarantine message”

You can inform your users with the following:

If you are waiting for an email that you know has been sent but cannot wait for the next report you can use your company login on the following URL:

Here you have the opportunity as the logged-on user to see what is being blocked for that specific user.

NOTE: The report will not be delivered to the user if the user has not received spam on that given day.

The message is sent from:

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