Problems With Webcam / Microphone

Ever since people started working from home in these corona times, i have received more cases regarding broken webcams or microphones than ever before.

I always start doing the obvious troubleshooting first regarding, drivers, settings and checking if the user has accidentally turned it off via the F1-12 keys, but nothing seemed to work for any of the computers.

After spending hours with driver updates, bios updates windows updates and so on, i finally figured it out with the help of the internet.

Some people have reported that turning off their computers and plugging out the battery + holding down the ON/OFF button for at least 40 seconds fixed their issues… I couldn’t believe that but as a joke i went ahead and told the user to do exactly that.

And ever since it solved 90% of my Webcam / Microphone case issues.

Sincerely a confused IT-guy.

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