RemoteApps on Windows Server lagging performance.

I’ve experienced an issue with one of our clients regarding slow / laggy performance when using RemoteApps on their home computer.

In the beginning I was sure it was just a poor connection or a slow computer, but after trying to connect via their laptop everything ran fine on their home network.

After a lot of troubleshooting and testing different hardware and equipment we figured out the issue.

The issue was that some gaming and high-end mice use a higher polling rate than the usual office mice we are used to.
My client’s mouse was a “Gaming branded” mouse with an incredibly high polling rate of “1000hz“.

After lowering the polling rate down to the standard of “125hz” everything started running perfectly fine on their home computer.

On average no user should be able to notice the difference so changing the setting shouldn’t do much harm to the user.
Unless they are a competitive gamer off-hours, you should probably show them how to change this setting back.

I was able to use the software called “Razer Synapse” to help with changing the polling rate on their default profile. Other mice might have different software to help accomplish this change.

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